Q0357. Why should I fall in love again?


Soul love is only for a few weeks and a few times for years, and then it’s over and over. And then turn right at the end point, back to your starting point but then on your own. why would I ever fall in love again? All this has made me more anxious and soul love really didn’t do me any good afterwards. I threw the love away from me for protection !!! afraid that someday someone will hurt me again. and leaves. who can answer this?

You have thrown away your love from “protection”? Do you not dare to confront yourself so well? I too have had terrible crying showers, have been walking for years with only one love in my head … which is unreachable for me. Is swung back and forth by doubts .. but that beautiful confronting love has taught me a lot and I would not want to miss him for the world. We are not together, but polishing each other every now and then is good for me. Because of this love you get euphoric moments but also deep valleys. Needed to develop on your way to your source. You learn to let go of the most beautiful thing you encounter and because of that you get balanced .. then you can handle everything .. (except not seeing your other half anymore, I think you can never do that .. ) That it feels so intense for you is because it is so confronting (he mirrors you), but give yourself the time and after a while you notice that you can deal with it and that you need a meeting to maybe someone else to heal part of yourself .. my advice; do not make an armor around your heart because then you will no longer live .. follow your way no matter how difficult it is … (Unknown)

I understand your answer, and that makes me happy what you say. But why can’t we keep seeing each other during this process? Why does the band have to be released completely first? (Unknown)

You don’t have to break the contact completely. What I have experienced is that it is very intense when you see each other, without having a real relationship with each other, but that it is good to meet each other every now and then .. it helps you a bit on your way every time, you heal a part of yourself by entering into confrontation. but of course I do not know what your situation is exactly .. sometimes we did not see each other for a year or months and then only in a large company .. nevertheless love stayed through everything and only got stronger..i do not know if your twinflame is alone or not, but you can count on seeing him / her (love without words) only occasionally, also in an accelerated process of becoming aware. it may take years but it is worth it!

It makes a difference if you know clearly that you are twin to each other. that you were able to pronounce it once, everything, I think that makes it clear and acceptable. we love each other, that will last forever, that’s nice, now we can each continue our earthly life and be happy when we see each other and contact each other when we need it. dream scenario (Unknown)