Q1143. What do you mean by “let go”?


I have 2 nice statements about letting go, which is very useful to me. The first is; “Letting go is not throwing someone out of your heart, but allowing someone his or her own process. And not having to participate in it as necessary ”. The second is; “Don’t chase people. Be you. Do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay … ”. You can write these statements on a nice card and hang them somewhere where you occasionally read them. It could help you let go. How do you see “let go”?

Very nicely described. Thanks. It helps a little to realize that some things that happen to you cannot be controlled by yourself.

Answer 2
For me, letting go means giving the person the freedom to live their own life, without the intervention of me.

Answer 3
Very nice statements from you. I have experienced that letting go eventually works if you feel the love for yourself.

Answer 4
It is exactly what it says in both statements for me. It is something completely different than simply forgetting someone or being banned from your memory, because that is not even possible. As much as some would like that. But left or right: your soul love often has too great an impact on your life that it is an illusion to think that you can just forget about him or her. I even believe that that is not the intention at all. It is the person who has invited you to come home to yourself completely and to be able to do that it is necessary to let that person follow his or her own path. Only then can you organize your life completely in your own way and then you will automatically notice which people and things belong to it. If that is (again) your soul love, then you will notice that automatically, because then the person will return. Is it another,

Answer 5
Very nice statements! Also nicely said of you Flower! Accept that it has come into your life, even if you let go, it will always remain with you.

Answer 6
No, putting someone out of your head is not possible at all, at least not a twinflame. But let go, let the other person live his or her life without your interference or interference. Let them make their mistakes and gain experiences. We must do that too. I see my twinflame once in a while and I get annoyed by the things he does and finds. But it is his life and so I keep my opinion nice. It is his path and I have nothing to do with it. I know that I am his twinflame and that no one ever intervenes there, that is enough for me to have and to keep a firm faith in the future.

Answer 7
To answer 3: That is exactly how I experienced it.