Q0334. Mourning process. Who recognizes that?


I have never seen my soul love from one day to the next. I can’t let him go after 7 years, does it help in the grieving process if I really say goodbye to him personally? Does that relieve the pain and sorrow? and could I handle it a little easier? I feel like I have been in a grieving process for 7 years, does anyone recognize that? Letting go of soul love feels like being in a grieving process that I can’t get out of anymore.

I’m not exactly in the same position as you, but I can imagine a lot. I met my soulmate 4 years ago and he doesn’t dare to start a new relationship anymore, because of unprocessed feelings from his past. I rarely see him, the longest period has even been a year. Returning to your question. I don’t think you can really say goodbye to your soulmate in any way. That person is so deep in your entire system that I think you can never (completely) let go. I think soulmates keep finding each other in every life, who knows, maybe the next life will be fine. You have nothing on that now I understand very well, but it is something I think about. I am 54 and if my soulmate and I don’t get along, I know I will find him again in the next life and I hope that it will become what I want so badly! Very, very much strength! (CS)

I fully recognize the grieving process. It really hurts to not have the person you love dearly with you. Despair, deep sorrow, heartache … you name it, I recognize it all. But I think that if we cannot / want to accept that our soul love is no longer part of our lives, it only makes the pain worse and deeper. And that’s not how we grow. In this way we remain stuck in a situation that is not progressive for the growth of the soul. You do not want to hear it but it is also the intention that your soul grows from this experience. And remember, it is not said that you will not meet again. But as long as you do not grow further but stand still, that moment will really not come any closer. Listen to your inner voice and your feelings, that will tell you what you need to know in the future. Focus on that instead of missing. I know from experience that this is very difficult, I am right in the middle of it, but really, if you really want it and do your best, you will succeed !!!! And that gives you peace of mind. And you need that first. Love. (Unknown)