Q1281 Does he know?


I have a strong suspicion that he is further in the process than I am, I see it in his eyes. I just feel that and can see it from comments he has made. People who already know that there is mutual recognition, where could you tell that the other person already knew? We have never spoken about it. I will probably come across him again soon, only for the first time after I know it and only for the first time that we have had a fierce moment together, time stood still for a moment between us, he has felt this too I know Certainly and is therefore the reason that I went to look up everything about twinflames, I really knew nothing about this. So at the next meeting I want to be very aware of the situation and see what happens.

Answer 1
Do you know that I have asked myself this question 1000 times? The answer then came in my dreams, dreams or astral encounters in which I met my twinflame and in which we talked openly about the love of soul between us. However, in ordinary earthly life we ​​have never talked about it while I feel that he knows. He feels it too. Recently I got a very nice insight that I would like to share with you; Twinflames mirror each other, they are exactly the same on an energetic level. This has often been apparent to me from the fact that my twinflame thought and said the same things as I, that we were even doing the same things remotely, etc. It suddenly became clear to me that I know we are twinflames, and so he SO . And I think you can also assume that. Certainly if he is further than you as you think. Notice what he says, and I mean not only the literal words but also the deeper meaning behind them. Watch how he does to you, how he looks and how you feel. You say you can tell from his comments. Well, that already says a lot. My twinflame once said something that wiped out all my doubts in one fell swoop. Then it was clear. May I ask what happened between you? That intense moment you write about? My twinflame sometimes accidentally touches me on purpose and that always ensures that it is as if time stands still. Just like when we look into each other’s eyes. What I want to say to you is this; if you know, the other person will know. What does it do with it is the question. Some twinflames are so frightened that they first tuck it away for a long time and run away from it. But deep in their consciousness they know it.

Answer 2
Yes he knows for sure and that must also be how often you meet in the spiritual world that cannot be a coincidence. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Dear you, I am also in about the same situation as you are now. Sometimes I have received messages from him, consciously or unconsciously, I don’t know that. The only thing I can give you is that you have to be patient and wait what the Universe gives you. I do not know if you have had any contact with this boy or man before, or something else? Good luck! Love! (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes I think he knows you are connected. He is also further in the process, it takes courage to put your fears aside and move on. I would like to contact her an earthly contact. ( Remco)

Answer 5
I have never experienced such an intense spiritual experience. I even stepped out of my body for the first time. I know he knows because he has a very deep radiance towards me .. and there are again remarks that indicate it. There is still a lot to come for me, I will be patient. It gives me peace that I will not lose him no matter how long it will take. I’m going to stick to that. I already have a partner and I certainly do not want to lose them … .. but who knows, in the future we will go to completely different forms of society and monogamy will no longer be the norm … I think this is something that I could achieve with him and that he is also open to this, but god, that is not easy to say. I have now discovered this and we have a long way to go. Idd but see what the universe has in store for us. I hope that love is and will remain the answer.