Q0325. When are you ready?


after not having been in contact again for a few weeks, we are still looking for each other again, I love it, but it also causes unrest in my head of how to proceed, we have been attracting and repelling for 2 years now a woman and I too but am also married), somewhere I also know that I still have something to finish in my marriage, and I am not yet ready to burn everything behind me !! My husband knows everything I am honest to him about this, he says as long as you do not let me down! There is also fear, I can now enjoy nothing anymore and feel that I am falling down everything, but I know for sure that she is my soul love and that we can never let go of each other, but I am still not ready to finally break !!!

Very recognizable, attracting and repelling, we also had so many stops, because he was not ready, I say, take the time, if my twin had done it, even if he had stayed with his wife, we would have had a very deep special friendship and now we have nothing. (Unknown)

Can I ask what happened then? As far as my experience is concerned: After years of having a spiritual Close-soul connection with my soulmate, whatever happens at the end of the story, you are not meant for each other. Due to all kinds of obstacles, you still come to someone else justly. It is only a considerable learning process. (Unknown)