Q0310. Can you ask your twinflame if he also goes for gold?


Have known my soul love for so long, have become friends of each other, are both married but both feel that we want more. the attraction is so great now that I want to give up my current relationship, but I am so afraid that my soul love remains with his wife and then I have turned my family upside down. my marriage is not really good anymore but for my children I could keep it up for a while. can you ask your soul love if he will go for you (gold)? or are you pushing it in a certain direction? while he has actually done that to you, with various comments. If you have known each other for a long time and you both want to be with your soul love, but you are both married, then you can ask your soul love if he will go for you too. or should you just wait and see, because otherwise you put pressure on his marriage. Of course you have already done that without having wanted it yourself because of the pure love you send to the other person, you can no longer ignore it anyway So it is not hypocrypting to handle this so carefully while you have both been around for a long time know that the other is the true one.

You are in a very difficult situation. It is questionable if you leave your husband if he wants to go for you. If you ask him, it would indeed be so chin-deep that you actually repel him. Such a relationship is very confrontational, so I would think twice about entering into a relationship with your twinflame. The risk that it will fail is very high. That is very pessimistic, but I have experience with this. I believe it is relationships that give a lot of feeling, but the difficulties, confrontations and the transformation you are going through are very difficult. (Do you know how he got married?) It seems that it doesn’t disappear either. Often you cannot speak of a normal relationship. In any case, this is the case with me. And I read on the internet that this is with so many people. So I’d think twice about putting your relationship at stake. No matter how difficult it is that you have so much feeling for your twinflame. Because it remains a big one! attraction. Force to be understood, because it is so hard to resist. With me it cannot become an ordinary relationship, we will still see each other, but when saying goodbye it is always letting go, complete, as if you have to say goodbye to a long-standing relationship, every time. But good, there are also good relationships between twinflames, you just don’t read it here on the internet. I hope that you and your people around you gain strength and wisdom. Strength (Unknown)

General: It is still seen as rare that you meet your twinflame, I think this happens often when I read this on the internet. What is rare or special is that twinflames stay together or have a good relationship. How this is possible with one person and not with the other I don’t know. It will be your learning process what you have been put on, task or what you want to call it. I want to wish everyone wisdom for this love. With love (Gabrielle)

What I write to you is not nice, but if I can express it cruelly; You want to trade in your husband for your twin. As soon as you are sure that your twin wants you, you will leave your husband. As long as you don’t know you will stay with your husband for the children for the time being !? Why does it have to depend on your twin to leave your husband? Is it difficult for you to make independent choices? Work on your self-confidence. If your marriage is no longer the way it has been, you will have to go your own way without being dependent on your twin. And if you have made that choice, take care of the emotional settlement around the marriage and children. Come to the rest that you need for this. How would you feel if you possibly would be a 2nd choice for your husband? Act in the right way and not from your ego. Then dare to talk to your twin that you find him more than special without maneuvering him into a difficult position. Leave it to him what he does with it. Possibly he! it will have more appreciation for you in this way than you do it behind your husband. You currently know what your husband can do, you know that about your twin too. Success! (Unknown

Answer You
hear what you say, have made my choice, go my own way, also find that you should not let your partner simmer through as a second choice .. but he thought it was good enough, but I no longer .. am always been honest in everything, we continue now..i can no longer do anything else, and although i will remain alone for the rest of my life because twin can continue like this i still take that step..i can’t do it for another put on more .. even if he thought that was enough .. then think yes what I throw away .. but there is only one love that I would like to be with every day and that is my love .. so yes I have to no longer approaching my twin but going my own way..or twin does that too? .. that also makes it seem to me sometimes..and no it’s not cru it’s the harsh truth..thanks..loves (Unknown)