Q0306. How do I know if my soul love also knows that we are twinflames?


How do I know if my soul love also knows that we are twinflames? she has sometimes made remarks to me, of which I thought: what do you want to make clear to me .. it felt like she wanted to make clear to us that we are soul lovers .. but I dare not ask her.

You will notice it in the way she responds to you. if you look at her and think something and she responds, or she says something about it; it’s just like seeing myself when I look at you. then she may not yet have the word twinflames in her head, but she has understood that it is very special. My experience is when you are awake once, the cosmos will automatically give you the right directions so that you will begin to understand what is going on !! just shake her awake by the comments you make in that direction, the comments my twinflame makes all arrive. if you are so important to each other then she understands and picks up the signals. We, too, have never said it to each other, but we both know it, you can feel it !! (Unknown)

If you continue to trigger her and she responds, for example by making comments that have to do with the same feelings, do you have that too? by transmitting things telepathically and responding to this, she may not have the word twinflames directly in her head, but she does know that there is a very strong, special bond. My own experience has been that way too and if the universe, the cosmos wants clarity to come then that concept will come naturally. I came across someone (whom I knew only vaguely, but who stood still and called my name, we looked at each other and then spoke to me about her friend who was so sad about her twinflame, while I myself at that moment completely confused about my twinflame), and only then did I understand. I had never heard of it, but I knew that my love for my soul was very similar to me, and I had told him that: it is as if I am looking at myself. ” otherwise just try a text message; have twinflames heard of it? (Unknown)

Thank you for the comments, I already know for sure through your reactions that she also knows .. In fact, I think she realized it sooner than I do, when I look back on it now .. She has enough comments made to me, to try to make it clear to me I think. Once she wore a necklace of mine, two hours later I saw that she had taken it off, I thought so; why did she take my necklace off? but I said nothing about it. Almost immediately afterwards she came up to me and said: Yes, don’t be afraid, I didn’t lose your necklace, but I really had to take it off, because it made me really sick of it ”She told me this while I had nothing asked about the necklace, I had said nothing about it .. Once she ate a peanut butter sandwich. (I’m completely addicted to peanut butter) And then I said to her: You eat a peanut butter sandwich .. Then she looked at me and said: Yes because we are peanut butter eaters? While she did not know that I am addicted to peanut butter. I also once stood with her, and with someone else .. Then the third person asked her about me: Do you know how old she is? To which my soul love ni! but she looked at me and said: I already know everything about you … She also wrote to me once; “You reflect such beautiful things back to me” … And so she has asked me several things .. Precisely because of what I felt and the things she said I knew it was not a ‘normal crush’ .. I remember that i typed in google ‘spiritual love’ to investigate what i felt haha ​​.. ‘spiritual love’ Now I know that she is my love of the soul .. Because of the changes she made, but also because of what has happened, and especially what things have happened inside of me and what I felt .. When I first saw her, I recognized her even though I never saw her before .. And I was scared of the love that engulfed me, and all the intense things I felt … From moment 1 I loved her unconditionally … It was all so intense and intense! Love (Unknown)