Q0266. Letting go?


I don’t know what it is but I thought I had taken a distance from her (wife). Am also a woman and married, but we have contact again via text message also said has a lesbian relationship, I am also sure that I love her and said of me but somehow I can not choose, we spoke each other and said maybe it is not the right moment yet, when the radio is on we both get the music on us, and then text sky radio !! We both get goosebumps, we cannot and will not let go, I am not at all jealous and grant her everything and that is mutual, I think this is really love!

Certainly. I am also a woman and my soul love is a woman. We let go of each other to always find each other again. Easy is different but difficult is our motive. We both want it hard and sexually we are only for each other. No one can give me what I receive from her and vice versa. We also feel one when we are together. We live separately and are single. Both. That is love, for sure… (Unknown)