Q0264. What happens when your soulmate dies?


I am looking for an answer. My soulmate and I have not seen each other for more than 20 years, last year we again had telephone contact. As it turns out our lives went exactly the same way. We still felt the same for each other. 2 weeks ago I felt weird and empty. Now I have received the message that he died. How does this continue?

Get completely cold, but remember that life is NOT here after. Unconditional love, when you’re done here, with your lessons, he’s waiting for you there! He shows that he is with you, through songs on the radio, songs that meant a lot to you. He will always be with you and support you. If you look around you, you will notice that he is with you. wish you a lot of strength. He will guide you on your way! (Unknown)

Support for you. http://www.tarotconsult.com/pages/Stewart.htm And proof that it is not over after this. (Unknown)

Maybe the book below can help you relieve your pain and give you more insight. Love
Anna’s Paradise Husband and wife, husband and wife. Anna and Jan C. van der Heide were divorced by death after a marriage of almost 33 years. Anna died. During life they already knew that LOVE knows no boundaries. Twinflames are created for each other and can keep in touch. Even after dying. There is such a thing as “The Spheres,” “The Light,” “Goodness Near God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna,” the loving place of angels. Across all borders, Anna and Jan talk about guardian angels, guides, the spheres of eternal goodness. ANNA’S PARADISE is a representation of this. Buy here www.bol.com. (Unknown)