Q0259. Would it have been a different kind of band despite the age difference?


The situation is such that we have known each other for years. We have always had a reasonable friendly relationship. From my side it wasn’t anymore either, until a few months ago. Something happened and we became more interested in each other. I actually thought it was not possible, he is so many years younger and bound. But when we are together, the world disappears. It is so familiar from the very beginning. It is strange that I can hardly look him in the eye. I don’t even know his eye color. Now there is an end because there are too many conscientious objections given his situation. I feel very empty even though I see him every day. The strange thing is that I have no heartbreak. Just empty, as if I lost something. Would it have been a different kind of band despite the age difference?

Real love never understood what that was. Real love is something I often read about Real love often happens to you only 1 time Real love is why you keep the first Real love I found it. and not negligible. Real love even though it is sometimes not about roses Real love holds it in your heart and shows it to your loved one Real love does not come just like that … if you found it it deserves it. True love it has been donated, and don’t abuse it. True love it is more than the sexual aspect that you see. (Unknown)