Q0299. Nice but unplaceable experience; is my sister my twin relative with me / in me?


After the death of my mother by suicide in 2003, I forgot myself and slowly slipped into being unhappy. I started to think very deeply and my unhappy feeling is not very much due to suicide, but I come back with much thought in my baby time. someone told me once (a spiritual person) I see something with a sister. I immediately made the link that it was a sister of my mother who committed suicide in 2005. But suddenly I became very sad and that was so intense it seemed that I missed a sister, all this was in 2006. now that I am in a deep dip, I have asked a psychic counselor if I have a sister and she received an answer from her mother through her deceased father: ‘yes’. I cried so intensely that night and can say that from that moment on I feel liberated. My question: could it be that I should have had a sister? and is my sister my twin relative with me / in me?