Q0247. How do you recognize twinflames?


A long time ago I met a boy who I really enjoyed! (Call him effe P.) We flirt almost every time we see each other. But it seems as if it cannot be like that or not yet. Every time I fell in love with someone else, and it wasn’t allowed to be that way. I ran into P.. I had not seen him for a while, we went on with our lives. Then one day I thought of P. 2 hours later he suddenly stood in front of my nose. It is a kind of feeling. Now comes my question is this a kind of soul love?

A Deep feeling!
… Being of my soul got
on my path
my own reflection …
as only happens in dreams.
In the greatest depth
of my earthly life
I meet you, my own … the
other half again!
Not consciously searched for this
during my existence …
My heart danced with recognition
when I suddenly saw you standing!
With you I am connected
so tangibly one whole
of that great universal soul
you and I are one part!
The vibration of our souls
Rages so violently …
I can’t help it
It is palpable, back and forth!
We are connected …
In the love of the big picture
The band can no longer be broken
We look alike: so much !!!
Although we live separately,
together we are forever one

I just want to respond to the above answer … we are standing with both feet on the ground, are very down-to-earth realistic people, but with regard to friction with the earthly existence around us, we can say that we are indeed more or less on an island because there are only two are people in our lives who understand what it feels like because they also belong to our soul group. Without looking down on “normal” relationships, we certainly feel privileged. We would grant everyone a similar love relationship because we believe that this is the ultimate love. And it may sound like a fairy tale, but it certainly wasn’t, we first went through a very turbulent time (and believe me this is softly expressed) to finally realize that this is the only true love. We knew from the very first moment that we were addressing each other on a chat site that something special was going on, but we couldn’t give it a name. At a distance, we simultaneously typed the word twinflame on google. We didn’t even know it officially had a name and we have confirmation of what we have always known. You feel a twinflame love from the first moment it is impossible to put into words in earthly terms it feels so special. (Unknown)