Q0246. Why do you meet your other half in this life?


Why did we come across each other, not to destroy each other, not to share each other’s love? Why does the universe do this to us? Someone you give all your heart to, and who cannot, can be together?

If your twinflame / soulmate / twinflame / or your twin ray comes into your life, then that is a deep relationship that requires a lot of attention and is certainly challenging for your personality. The wound shows itself and is therefore ready for cleansing and healing. Love and deep connectedness is the reason for our being together. When a group comes together with such an intention, deep miracles are possible. Because soul love is the strongest force in the universe. We renew the strong bond with the soul and experience the serene love that is unconditional and that you often seek in vain with the other person. Soul love is a state of being, a radiant light that brings, cherishes and reassures everyone who comes into her sphere of influence to a higher vibration. Soul love is serene because it is accepting, it solves barriers precisely through its acceptance. By allowing soul love you experience what unconditional love brings about. An ordinary earthly love passes after a while. but soul love is forever unconditional. Why you meet each other? to discover the divine love together, to show each other the light (Unknown)

Unfortunately I have no answers, only more questions. We try to be strong, but why and for whom? For ourselves or for the other, with whom we will not be able to unite. What a mess of that universe, you don’t find, to mix up time and place in such a way that it will never be our time and place. But we must not keep ourselves strong, we must let the grief act upon us, so that we can retain a stronger soul that has grown through experience. (Unknown)