Q0240. Desperate?


I met someone through a single site. At the first e-mail that I received there was a feeling of coming home .. confusing feeling because I saw that man for the first time on photo. We are both spiritual. After a few weeks it is clear that there is more going on. I feel him very strong even though he is not there, and vice versa. A feeling has arisen that I did not know .. certainly not in love, this goes further. A strong desire, as if I have to look for my other half with him. The distance makes it so difficult for us to see each other and the agst that we can no longer miss each other. I have a 16 year old child who certainly does not move that far from his roots. That man and I are both exhausted and desperate. I fear that this will be a missed opportunity that will always stay with me.

I think that nothing else is left than to meet again sometime? That lack always remains. Looking into each other’s eyes is very intense and emotional. Because it is a part of yourself that you meet. (Unknown)