Q0224. How do I close off (temporarily) for his feelings?


My question to others; how do I close off (temporarily) his feelings, so that I can put my energy into my own lessons? And where do I get the patience (also a lesson for me) to be able to keep waiting … because that is right now, as long as my confidence and feeling tell me that everything will be fine … the only thing I can do! blush

What you really want, you also manifest what you do not want (if there are your thoughts and doubts) Keep believing in your “true love” that is your strength. Enjoy your days in peace and balance and follow the path of your heart! In the meantime, continue yourself to bring yourself into balance. The Universe gives you what you desire. Old energies are cleaned up and are no longer usable in this time. The new energies are already appearing and manifesting quite quickly. So watch what you think and wish! Everything you desire comes to you. (Unknown)