Q0218. Can you have 2 twinflames?


A few years ago I knew that I would meet him, that it would be the True. When I actually met him, I knew, this is him. And he felt that way too. Connectedness, not falling in love, but immediately deep love, loving. We felt unity, complete. From that moment on everything went at a rapid pace: living together, getting married, children, the whole picture. But I lost myself a bit, felt so much love for him that I actually lost myself in it. And something gnawed, didn’t know what. Now I know someone, even the same number of years, with whom I could very well agree. A while ago he said he felt a click with me. I felt that too, right from the start, but I waved it away, because I only had eyes for my husband. But every time we saw each other, that click became more intense, sought each other’s company, felt very intimate, familiar, of course. Then the chance arose that we could really be together for a few days. And what I had with my husband, which I thought was very unique, didn’t fit in. It was much more intense, we just beamed, so blissfully, it didn’t feel wrong, but of course, as if we were just heard each other, time did not exist, we were short of time, forgot to eat, did not want to sleep (we thought that was a waste of time) We radiated complete happiness. Other people also saw that energy. We can no longer let each other go (literally), want to be together as much as possible and everything has to make way for it. I actually don’t get it, I thought I had found soul love in my husband … Therefore my question: Can you have two twinflames, if not: who is then what? I have many more questions, but don’t ask them all, maybe I will hopefully get the answers in the responses …

You think you have already found your twinflame, but then you meet someone where you experience the same, actually deeper, more intense emotions. Who is what? Do you have to choose? And why does that happen to you? (Unknown)

Answer You
may have swapped love with passion with your current husband, because soul love never passes. And have you now “finally” met the true one, the other half? soul love! (Unknown)

I think that when you meet your twin there is no doubt. I only read that you can also have exactly those feelings if you have to deal with very karma together – then you are temporarily a twin, after which it fades away. Because you can also have a lot of karma to process and / or continue to work with your real twin, that is confusing and you better be careful with hanging a label on it. a soulmate also seems to be temporarily a twin. so everything is much more complicated than we can imagine. moreover, in between you can also just get the ‘hot’s for your soulmate, so that the twin love feeling will fluctuate. I think I know for sure that I have a real twin but let it all happen and work on myself. is clearly becoming twinflames. (Unknown)