Q0213. What do you do with short-term contact?


Are there people who have had contact with their soul love for a short time. What do you do and how. I would prefer to visit him and tell him what I feel and want to know how he is doing. On the other hand, I don’t think I can force myself. I have to respect his choice. If he wants contact, he knows where to find me.

Answer No matter
how brief a meeting is, if you recognize both of them there in soul love, this will never pass. This feeling goes through marrow and bone. It’s in your whole body. And remains connected to each other forever. Men often slam shut, because they cannot post with feelings, or are confused. (Unknown)

Hi Jootje I have read your story, by experience. It is always difficult when you are married, because it is not a car that you just trade in. This feeling and this love will always gnaw, no matter what you do, or whatever decisions you make. You live in two worlds. T earthly with your family and in dreamland with your soul love I think he wants to give his marriage another chance. Maybe it’s good to talk about it together. (Unknown)