Q0206. Will you return to your soul love in a later life?


Have people (soul lovers) ever come back together in a later life?

Sure you come back together. This connection only gets closer. Even if you are apart for a while. You then become aware of everything. Meeting someone from a past life, that is a pin in a haystack, be careful with it. (Unknown)

Yes, I know from experience that you will encounter your twinflame again for many lifetimes. Before my twinflame and I were aware that we were twinflames, we already received information from past lives in which we met. The special life is the life in which you are aware of each other that you are twinflames. All previous life experiences were needed to be able to experience that in that special life. From my deepest self I know that I will meet her again in the future until I / we decide not to return to earth. Because we have finished learning. (Donald)