Q0688. Miss him so …


Sometimes I miss him so much and I can’t talk to anyone about it because he is not there in my private life. I don’t see him anymore and I just miss him more. Sadness, Love, Anger is what I feel mixed up. It’s driving me crazy. I want to forget or let go of it but I can’t. I know that by missing him I actually just miss a piece of myself. The purpose of our meeting is clear. It is really an invitation to be myself again. Who am I and what do I want and when will I learn to be assertive instead of passive or aggressive? The confrontation with him was too difficult for me and so was the butterflies because I am in a different earthly relationship. I went deep but I will come out better. Miss him like that. If only I could have a short conversation with him or sit next to him or something … My question is: how do you get back on top after going very deep in which you have completely lost control of yourself? It is like having lived in a dream world and waking up to reality .. tips from experienced lost twins please .. If we ever meet again …

Answer 1
Don’t miss him that way, don’t want to or can’t see me, too difficult, has a relationship, the appeal is too great, but faith keeps me going, when I read pieces here again on the site, I have to just cry for a moment because I don’t understand that you can love someone so much and then you are not together, not even as friends, it doesn’t work for me .. and that has nothing to do with ego but has everything to do with a lot of love..and miss. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I have also been in this situation for years and years. I have an earthly relationship and so do he. We have finally seen that we cannot live without each other and are now opting for each other. We have decided that what we have is far too expensive to give up for everyday robot rules. Unfortunately, you cannot forget because this feeling only gets stronger. The more you do not see each other, the more you feel each other. Is stopping really what you want? Is your fear so great that you give up this love for it? (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yet again let go of what you have to do. If it is really meant to be (in the future) then it will go like this and he will come back to you. Nobody knows, so the future will tell. Only when both halves are completely ready can there be a reunification of two souls. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Thank you for your responses! He passed by like a tornado in my stable life. Fear has kept me away from him. My safe home base is now all I have. I will compare again to forget him. What did he do more than my current relationship? He only caused problems. My partner is always there for me. My current relationship is not that difficult at all. I had probably visited him in a different situation from where I am currently in traffic. Maybe I’ll send him another card … I don’t think so. I have to come loose. He doesn’t like it and neither does me. Maybe he condemns me or makes fun of me. I don’t know .. He did try to decorate me back then .. I wasn’t blind, I was scared. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Releasing is very difficult indeed, but it is a step that must be taken if you really are each other’s twinflame. Today I received the enormous sign that I am on the right track. Because just now that I can genuinely wish that he is happy and that he must do what he wants to do, there was suddenly the moment today when he let it be known that he was there and thought about me. From himself. Very special! And all the more reason to continue my path. I can now really enjoy the feeling of loving. Also admit to myself that there is love. That cannot even be denied anymore. It is really true what they say: Everything has its time and if you are meant for each other, then it will really come to you again. (Unknown)

Answer 6
Answer 5, that is exactly how I feel. Once you are ready to fully accept the feeling of yourself, you can continue. Occasionally I still have a relapse, then I suddenly feel so guilty towards my partner. But I know it’s the ego that speaks there. Soul love is something that exists alongside my relationship that does not alter the fact that it occupies an increasingly larger place in my heart. There will come a time when I want to go all the way, but that is only possible when the other half is ready. Let life go, everything will be fine. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Sit in the middle of it again, in that miss. On Sunday I saw my soul love for the last time and the longing for him is becoming ever more intense. I can no longer look at him normally without imagining his strong arms around me. It does not make it easier for him to touch me more and more, which I also love. He does it very carefully but is clear to me. Love and care are expressed, but it sets me on fire. And then, yes, that moment of saying goodbye comes again. And every time it feels like a bigger, poignant wound that continues to bleed for days afterwards. I see him disappear on the horizon with the feeling in my heart that I want to follow him, jump on his neck and never let go. It is not that I am sad, but a bit melancholic. I miss him, feel restless without him. As soon as he arrives, I feel so good, relaxed and nice. Then I can handle the world. But now I have to do it on my own and that is hard for me. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Yes that miss, desire sometimes hangs around me like a heavy blanket, it is becoming more beautiful but also increasingly heavier and to be honest I sometimes find it a bit scary, whatever comes, wish I had that strong had arms around me, if only for a moment, to be able to move on more easily..yes that desire .. (Unknown)

Answer 9
The site helped me a lot. I’m much quieter now. I actually feel like the sun again and I don’t need anything or anyone for that. I wish him the best, but especially myself. For me happiness is not in money but in beautiful moments that are stored in your memory as photos. I am complete again. Even without him. I love me! (Unknown)