Q0202. Can we be soulmates? zijn?


It started when my mother was single and there was a photo on the computer through a man’s dating site. I told my mother that she should go out with him sometime while I couldn’t see anything of him, no face, no appearance nothing. When I first saw my mother’s friend, it was as if we had known each other for years. There was a band right away and it only grew. We think the same, we feel each other when there is something good or bad, our emotions are the same, we love the same things, the same interests. We just have so many similarities. We both did not like the “stuck” but that is now very much between my mother’s friend and me! But there is an age difference of 26 years. I’m 18 and my mother’s friend is 44. Can we be soulmates? That is how it feels to us because the stories we read about it correspond to what we feel and think!

Yes you can. And especially age difference that you often hear. I just wonder, how is your mother doing now? Because as I understand they don’t have it, but do you now have a relationship? (Unknown)