Q0186. I feel so lonely, empty, sad, powerless. I have the feeling that I always miss a part of myself in myself, as if something has been pulled out of my stomach. Who has advice?



I have not seen my soul love for a long time, but the loss still hurts every day. I would like to know how to deal with this to make my life a little more bearable, who has tips or advice?

Every twinflame who reads this will recognize themselves in this. We all go through the same phases and yes it feels like you are amputated. You do not see the other person but you do feel it. You miss that other person from every cell in your body. You will have to learn to accept it. The only advice I can give you is look at those feelings / emotions and be aware that you are NOT those feelings / emotions. You are the viewer / consciousness, so you look at those thoughts and feelings / emotions but you are not them !!!! When you practice this you will see that you will increasingly feel yourself, so love and joy. What you, but also me and many others want to do with us is to identify us too much with our thinking and our feelings / emotions. You then sit too much in the feeling / emotion and then automatically feed your pain body. You then forget that you are the viewer / consciousness and you start to feel bad and suffer. I can really recommend the book The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle if you want to learn how to stop this suffering that comes from your thinking. I wish you a lot of light, love and power. (Ivy)

we are both making great progress. I am happy that you are writing this. I am in about the same phase and it is good to see how beautiful you can put this into words. For others it is nice to read that it becomes easier once you have released it. I am not saying that letting go is easy, but once you have surrendered to it, you will get more clear insights and knowledge. In any case, thanks for your valuable response. (Soulsinger)