S302. Total satisfaction


I discovered my soul love through a telephone game, Wordfeud. Together we immediately had the click without seeing each other, without talking to each other. A single word, a single sentence was enough to be totally upset


On a Friday we had a first brief contact via Wordfeud. I was gone that weekend. On Monday a little more contact, Called Tuesday, Friday agreed to see each other (she is married in a relationship) … .. we talked for 3 hours. The meeting was self-evident, immediately well-known, very intense, very self-evident. Everything was right, everything was fitting … walking, holding … those looks … pffff … … enormous.
I immediately broke my relationship, she told her family the following weekend. Now she’s getting a divorce.
We started searching the internet for a word, a description that could cover the load of our feelings … .. I searched for ultimate love … .. Then I came across soulmate, soul love, twinflame love. I am not at all into paranormal, astro, or other floating situations (we are not both of course) But this did cover the load .
We live at the speed of light.

We still have a very intimate, rare beautiful love affair. I know it is special because all other relationships fade with this feeling.

Nobody understands this !!!!
The perfection …. the intensity … Wow.
The rest is just angry, how can you know after one week … I didn’t say we actually knew after one day.

Obstacles are resistance from family, incomprehension … For us personally the distance, work, children.

We have a remote relationship, via telephone and webcam. If there is a hole we agree, then we are complete, and totally wishless.
Saying goodbye is always accompanied by intense sadness and many tears.

What it has brought me is total satisfaction, feeling that you automatically get back everything you give. Misunderstanding, dissatisfaction …. all negatives fall away …. Once everything is clear …. less can never be done again.

I find the complete harmony the most special. Totally the same thoughts, pronounced or unspoken.
I wanted to tell her right from the start, I love you. However, my sobriety and logical thinking prevented that, because that was impossible. What I didn’t know at the time was that she was walking with the same thoughts.
I tell her, we are going to the car…. she then said: I also yours ….
She had not understood me, or she had read my thoughts, at least it was a very beautiful moment.

Eroticism is very beautiful, much more intense.
Understanding and feeling each other that way … very deep.

The soul love feeling? Pffff …… I am 47 years old, a very sober personality. But this is so beautiful.
I would almost say, without this feeling, no life.

I cannot imagine that this relationship will be terminated by us on a voluntary basis.

I don’t think you can match this feeling twice.

I have not read a single story on this site. My story is purely our story. Nothing romanticized, rather very concise

I have had several relationships, also at a later age. I can say that I fully committed myself to those relationships. I also loved those women and was convinced that it was going to take a long time. So I have been married twice.
Now I realize that my love has never been answered. That love was never complete.

My tip: If this happens to you, Go For It.