Q0185. I regularly dream about my soul love, and therefore it is harder for him to let go. Who recognizes this?


I always try to let go of my soul love, haven’t seen him for more than half a year and haven’t heard from him. I know that he now has a different relationship, I have had a lot of pain and sorrow and still, and tried everything to let him go. Meeting your soul love is the most beautiful and intense feeling I have ever experienced in my life, but also the most painful. I keep trying to let go of him, but I dream about him so often that he is very close to me again, and he always hangs around me and he is always in my mind. In this way I cannot let go of what I find very annoying and difficult. Who recognizes this?

Learn to come closer to your own feelings. The closer you get there, the more you will experience and see it differently. (Unknown)