Q0140. Twinflame or soulmate?


Just a question? I have already asked a number of questions but I am not getting much further. But I can’t do it like this, if only I had never met him in my life and I really mean that. Now my question, is there a way that I can break the bond with my soul love but then really break it? I want to feel this way as before, because I would rather not feel complete than that I feel pain and torn apart, how can I permanently break that bond because this is not a life like that. If someone knows the answer for me then I would love to hear it, Greetings

I sometimes think that I should call my niece, and at that very moment she is calling, that is different again, that is not a love of my soul. (Unknown)

Hi there, read your story and immediately thought of the person with whom you feel so strongly connected will almost be a soulmate of yours. Your father also said that he knows her, while he has never seen her before. I do not know how the concept of past lives looks. But it is said that those you met in your past life that you met in this life again, maybe that’s why your father already knew her. I also think that you are two soulmates. since twinflames do not really have a sexual attraction, although that may not always be the case. (R)