Q0412. Vibration?


Just a question about vibration, so I actually wonder why your body starts to vibrate so that you are close to your twin and both partners experience that vibration or is it always only 1 of the two and what does this depend on, does it depend on something spiritual, whether you vibrate or not ??? Why is that vibrating anyway ??? And can you do something about it if you vibrate ??? And why is that feeling associated with that shaking so frightening and does it sometimes make you really want to run away from it ??? And what if your partner vibrates and you don’t or vice versa how can you put that person at ease and can it do that the one person only starts to vibrate later or doesn’t everyone have this? Can someone give me more info about this !! Thank you xx

Hi claudia, I have had vibrations for a long time, but not only when I’m close to my twin, but constantly, it started in my feet and now I have it through all layers. I don’t like it anymore, it is a nice feeling then you know it has to do with your twin and that confirms the bond you have with each other. Don’t know if my twin has that, unfortunately I haven’t seen it in a long time. Just yesterday I was talking to someone and I just felt shivering on my legs, the other person didn’t notice it, but still, weird. I also asked this question myself, see the answers to this in question 394. I think it is the kundalini energy that is generated. (Me)

Well yes, I also have no contact with my twin and that makes it all harder of course !! I know how that feels and that is not pleasant !! But the kundalini energy that I feel flowing is something else than the vibration, that strumming feels like emerging jitters and that I occasionally have mostly in the evening !! But the vibrations are more the tuning to higher frequency, mental frequency and I only have that when I am close to my twin. a fairly large distance but when he is in his country about 2000km from here, I feel him very difficult and I find that so sorry !! Does anyone from julie know a way to sharpen telepathy, that is very important to me, since I no longer have contact with my twin !! I feel him very often with me but not enough to my liking and I would really like to have more contact and talk to him, but that i! s with us but rarely !! It is now also 3 years that I have seen him perhaps to do with that pff I do not know !!! Tis really hard if someone can help me let me know (Claudia)