Q0139. How can you learn to let go?


I read and hear a lot about letting go. Who can explain to me how to learn this release theory in practice?

For me, this question is one of the essential issues of spirituality. For many people, letting go is one of the most difficult things to learn in life. Letting go is about balancing your consciousness and your personality. Your personality, your ego has expectations, wants to hold things, have things, have more, have more times, experience again. Your consciousness wants to have nothing, it wants to be and develop and express itself. Letting go starts with this realization.
Important steps to separate your personality from your consciousness include; no more judging and no longer being emotionally dependent on your ego, your personality. If you are no longer emotionally dependent on your personality, you have ‘let go’. Once you have learned that, don’t let your personality determine how you feel, but then choose how you feel. You choose how you look at things. That may mean that you are no longer sad for something that you were always sad about. Also have a look at ‘Learning love’ on this website.
If you no longer want to be emotionally dependent on your ego, you must first know which emotions you have made yourself dependent on. You can then see in which other way you want to look at the same things that have triggered your emotions. A tool for this is for example the overview of emotions on this website.
The art and the difficulty is to make that your own. What helped me a lot are lessons from so-called ‘masters’ such as Saint Germain and Ramtha. There are ‘channeled’ books, videos and even films by these masters. They do not specifically treat soul love but spirituality in general. Read how they view pain and sadness. In the beginning it is strange because you are not used to looking at it that way. But if you make an effort to see things differently, you will be amazed at how you can learn to deal with emotions. If you look differently it is also different. to the answers to question 123 . Also look at ‘masters’ on this site. (This paragraph comes from the answer to question 133. )
In addition, you can learn a lot about letting go of the so-called ‘cosmic laws’ or ‘Universal laws’. A very important for this question is the ‘law of allowing’, allowing others to do their thing without judgment. So allow others to make other choices than you would think they should make. You can learn to learn that you think the other person should do it differently. If you can allow, you can also let go.
What can also help are the visions of emotions told by, for example, Eckhart Tolle, Osho or Gangaji. These are for sale in books and on video.
Learning to let go is probably the most difficult of soul love. This is the ‘pain’ that everyone is talking about. But this is also the beauty of soul love. You get an amazing opportunity to learn this ‘release’. And if you take advantage of this opportunity, you can grow enormously spiritually. Growing this and learning to let go can take months but also years or even your entire life. But with every piece of ‘let go’ that you have learned you will become happier is my experience.
You can of course continue to stare blindly at an expectation that you and your soul love will come together in a while. Of course that is not excluded, but then you will live with your feelings of pain and sorrow until perhaps that moment comes when it comes. Lots of soul loved ones say; but I feel that we come together and I feel that we have a goal or assignment together. Yes, I believe that too, but it may well be that you will only come together in another life. Many people translate this deep sense of connection into a partner relationship in this current life. I think that is typically a translation of your personality, your ego. Your personality wants a partner relationship in this life. Soul love wants nothing at all! Being alone!
For me, this answer to this question is the essence of this entire website!
Another addition: By letting go I mean letting go at the level of personality. Don’t want to ‘have’ the other. Letting go is not about the bond with the other person but about how you view that bond with the other person. Whether or not you are dependent on the other person. Whether or not you are guided by what he or she does or does not do. (Tiny)

Letting go means that you will never meet again? that you no longer feel anything from each other. Everyone goes their own life. How can you ever come together? if you continue with new partners? That whole letting go that doesn’t work for me. Is that the beauty of soul love? (Unknown)

Is this pain on this site not all proof of letting go? These people on this site cannot deal with this pain, “with letting go,” it tore them up inside. People who come to this site have already been abandoned by their soul love. (Rolf)

I really just want to tell something. I shared my experiences with you on this site yesterday. And actually that was a big release for me. Then I felt happy and relieved that I could finally share this after so many years of silent silence. It’s nice to tell your story and I think it’s very important to open your heart and tell about it. It is quite intense all those feelings. And many people do not [yet] understand that you can experience something so beautiful in this special love, and that it has a major impact on your life. That is why this site is so pleasant, then you are with people who understand you. And that I will keep thinking about him every day is really just beautiful, I know that it will never pass but that is not necessary either. after writing yesterday I see that I don’t have to worry about it anymore. And that provides a lot of clarity in my head. So let’s be happy to meet each other’s soul love. Instead of just being sad about it. We also do not want to give our soul love that sadness. We would also like to say to them; don’t be sad, I’m always with you anyway. So maybe we can do that for ourselves too (Unknown)

Soul love is the most beautiful thing on earth, but I think letting go, playing with each other’s feelings. You often hear that people get a burn-out after releasing this, because then there is no longer any future. The best thing you have, because to give up. Doesn’t that make anyone happy? (Unknown)

What Rolf writes about that if you no longer see that love, that you have been abandoned by your soul love, I do not agree with that. I think your soul love will never let you down whether or not you have a relationship together. My feeling is that it has everything to do with blockades and what we can and want to learn. And that is precisely why not every soul love couple can be together. And maybe we sometimes can’t handle another person’s blockades because we still have to grow. That may be the reason that you cannot live together. But within you you will always be together. If the souls are connected to each other I think it will stay that way. And what everyone misses is the love that you have experienced with the other. But in principle you should be able to find that love in yourself. What you see and feel in the other is actually you. Only we often don’t know what we have to learn. It is wise to let go of the pain and to keep the love. And that is quite an art. (Unknown)

In theory everything is easy. But you must not turn your heart into a murder pit. Let your heart enjoy that beautiful deep soul love. Why let go (Unknown)

Releasing does not exist, because you cannot let yourself go. That does not exist in my eyes and the more you try to let go the harder it gets. I see it so you cannot let go of yourself and walk away from yourself because I am doing that now and I have no life anymore. It is a pity that I have ever come across my half of my soul because it is as if I am dying bit by bit now that it is no longer with me. also really break because I do not want to feel this anymore here is not to live with. (Unknown)

Letting go means that you trust that the other person will not walk away, but will remain with you on your own free will and will continue to share that bond with you. Letting go means giving the other person the freedom to be themselves and to follow his / her own path. Letting go means accepting that it is as it is and not judging it as right or wrong. letting go does not mean that the other person runs away from you, or you from that other person … no, the other person feels more at ease with you and finds it nice to be with you, simply because you allow the other person freedom. (Unknown)

Releasing does not mean that you have to let go of your soul love; it means that you must therefore let go of your expectations. Just accept how it is NOW and go with the flow. I notice here that a lot of people are afraid to lose their soul love once they let go. But it simply means that you want to give your soul love the space for his / her own development. You can hold on to someone like that, but you only push the other person away. That is what they mean by “letting go is pulling you in.” What is a better proof of love if you can give the other person the space to work on themselves? If you really are each other’s soul love, you will never lose each other! Have faith! (Unknown)

Answer I fully
agree with this last answer, be happy with your own life if it is life that can make you happy, if not then you make sure that it is the life that you have in mind. I learned that through my twin and your soul love never really gets lost, it belongs to you anyway, and I trust the universe and my soul love that it will be okay if it is meant to come together and I will continue to believe in it! no matter what is twinkled and done by opposing forces, the power of fear instead of love, because I find that they are present very clearly, personally and it bothers me terribly! my twin. (unknown)

Answer Great
, that last answer. I totally agree with that. Trust in your own happiness in life. And if that includes the other then it will be fine. It is a matter of continuing to believe in it and keep looking critically at yourself and ask yourself every day “what is good for me”, what makes my body happy and what gives me energy “blabdiebla. Listening Following and then not words but they are my soul love. I’m doing that now. And he feels very close to my actions … on the way back to our second physical encounter. I believe in that, my body believes in that. Punt. (Unknown)

The moment that something blocks in a soul’s love is the moment that you collapse. But that blockade has meaning and is not just there. It is there to let you stand still and look at the situation. What causes the blockage. And not 1 person is responsible for that. A relationship always revolves around 2 people. There is nothing you can do about being part of the other and it makes no sense to sit around and accuse the other. No, your own share is also there and it is important to work on that and be open to face your own ego. Only then can you grow. (Unknown)

Many people continue to focus on the soul love of the other (I also did) but that is 1 big lie! YOU YOURSELF ARE SOUL LOVE! If you can see all the lies of lack (that you want someone else or something) to fill up and let go of your emptiness and know that you are everything you are looking for outside yourself, then you no longer miss your “twinflame” either. Your so-called twinflame is a mirror, trigger, catalyst or whatever you want to call it your own shortcomings and the beautiful emotions you felt the same. He / she reflects everything that you have in you, both negative and positive, but what do you choose? That you make him / her responsible for your happiness or sorrow? That is, as it were, burdening the other or you let yourself be burdened by your twinflame who is also burdened by his / her lack, fears, anger, sadness etc. must go. Making yourself dependent on someone else’s love is to deny yourself that you yourself ARE NOT that love but should get it from someone else and need it. The point is that you purify yourself from this naivety and lies in such a way that you eventually come back to your own Soul and that is just as beautiful as you thought it came from the other person. It is hard work and a long time, but finding your real Self without illusions is the bonus that you get in return. And true Soul Love can also be done with another person, as long as he has cleaned his polluted ego, because the Soul is light, and light is light, it knows no separation! You can keep waiting for that one “soul love” but then you can throw your life on someone who is not waiting for it at all and does not want to go for it at all or stays in his fear and the rest of his ego lies. A lot of strength, the choice is of course up to you whether you keep waiting for someone to INVULT you or that you INVULT yourself with the beauty of your own Soul and then it can always be that Mrs. or Mr. always shows up … (Unknown)