P0696. Dejected


I lower my eyes and look for the key to get into my car.
How could I be so stupid, so naive?
How could I make it all so beautiful in my head?
I swallow tears and say normal voice hello
You are, as always, and so you will always be
Aloof with an ever-present smile
You see in me what I see in you
that you are my soul love
You can get together with anybody
I let myself hurt and see you better knowing
that it won’t bring what I was hoping for
I’m not exactly my own best friend
Why don’t you say what you feel for me
Or do you really not feel it?
Why don’t you take me in your arms?
Am I the only one who sees it?
Where should I warm my heart now?
Maybe we shouldn’t have any contact anymore and I have to leave your life
Soon that will be simpler
That will only take a while
Maybe you will miss me, then
I will But now I feel dead and dejected
It hurts like hell