Q0135. Is it wise to express my feelings of love again? Or do twinflames still come together?


Prior an introduction; Seven years ago I met a woman who has conquered a special place with me. I met her in my parental home, she is the daughter of my mother dr friend. At the first meeting I saw her and just introduced myself, nothing special. Eventually we got to know each other better and I regularly came to her house, where it was always very pleasant. What struck me was that we talked to each other a lot about anything and everything, and felt very good to each other, however, the spiritual was a topic of conversation that kept returning, even to this day. Partly because of the spiritual we were very good with each other but also outside the spiritual we have many similarities. At first I didn’t pay much attention to that, I just thought she was someone I could get along with. But in the long run you saw more and more similarities and this was also noticed by other people, I remember well we went to a paranormal fair and were approached by a man asking if we were a couple, on which we both laughedly said NO … we didn’t pay any more attention to it and we went on. A while later we were at a market, we were asked the same question again if we were a couple, to which we again answered the same … again we did not pay attention until we were again at a paranormal fair and where a woman asked if we could couple, again we both said NO …. whereupon that woman said maybe that will come then. From that day on we started to think about why we think we are a couple, and also think that from that day on I started to feel more for her. However, I did not dare to show these feelings immediately because I was afraid of rejection and so that I was afraid that our friendship would be over. So I kept this feeling for me for a very long time. Until a year and a half ago I expressed my feelings openly to her, there was also a strong attraction from her side and she also wanted to be with me but she couldn’t tell if it was true love what she felt. Due to our many conversations in the spiritual field, my expression of my feelings towards her was a fierce experience for both of us because we are both convinced of having known each other in a previous life, and that we have found each other again in this life, and both learn new things. We are also aware of the fact that together we should start a relationship that we know it would be completely perfect. We are both convinced of that. The problem is, however, that we didn’t really have the chance to start something together, when I showed my feelings, she already had a partner, and I myself worked over and didn’t have time for a relationship, how much I wanted that too.
I now have a new job closer to home and now see her almost every day and the feelings start to play again, partly because she is single now. I will honestly say I am eager to start something with her but on the other hand also afraid to express my feelings to her again. This is because the last time was quite an intense experience. I don’t really know what to do. Hence my question whether it is wise to express my feelings again? Or do twinflames still come together? We know deep down that we belong together, but somehow we do not come together, there is always something in between.

Wonderful to read! Ship rights is three times. Very nice that people see you as a couple! I have seen ‘real’ couples who have nothing to do with each other. Very fascinating to watch. Now that both of you are free, I would not wait a moment to express your feelings. You won’t lose anything with it. The other knows what’s going on in you. An answer will provide clarity. I think that many people turn around each other unnecessarily, a meeting does not happen automatically. On the other hand, I think that you keep attracting each other and that something unplanned can happen spontaneously. Enjoy it! (Unknown)

I think it’s a nice story, they have us; my soul love and me several times asked if we were a couple, if they thought we were married while we were in occasional contact together but no relationship because it was all too sensitive. (Unknown)

Just a tip to R. I would not force anything, just take it easy, when the time comes, you will really get together. Soul love means that you first have to go through many obstacles. The little angel “upstairs” is busy, a day’s work, to keep all soul loved ones apart. (Unknown)