Q0128. Has your soul love returned?


I would like to hear if there are people who had lost their Soul Love for a (long) time (because at some point they had chosen to put an end to the Soul Love relationship. Probably because it was too intense and too was confronting … and because both she and he were / are married My question is: are there people whose Soul Love ultimately chose the Soul Love partner, after they had previously broken contact? I am so curious and would so happy to hear from people how it went, I have been waiting so long and it is so heavy … What positive experiences can I use …!

I see that many people live here in pain after they have lost their soul love or are misunderstood. Dear people, do you not yet understand this deep soul love? This is unconditional love, and your other half feels the same as you, also that terrible pain, and the lack will always bring you back together. After being apart for a while (sometimes even years), you will always merge again on Earth. Because the loss outweighs the road that you want to go on your own. After a long time you will discover that no one else can make you happier than your own soulmate. I know this from the experience of many people. It’s just that on this page there are only people who are not yet back with their loved one. That is why this sadness also affects these people. (Susan)

Dear unknown how could you have had and lost 2 twin friends? surely there is only 1 twin for everyone? 2 is really very special! Also you have not lost them, this always remains, stronger, softer, but that connection is there? (Unknown)