Q0125. What about twinflames and sexual attraction?


On this site I read that with twinflames there is no question of sexual attraction and love at first sight. I was shocked by this, because for someone where I suspect that it is my twinflame and I know it is almost 100 percent sexual attraction. However, we recognize ourselves enormously in the other and I often sense how he feels in the intense. and he often said he knew me. I did feel that sex wasn’t enough for me, that I really wanted him, really wanted to be in him. When I read the word fuse with regard to twinflames, that word fit precisely. But we just had sex with each other and there was certainly love at first sight, although it was more like love as recognition. I never really fell in love with him, I loved him right away. But as with many twinflame relationships, we have a very difficult relationship, we constantly seek each other out! I am in contact with each other as if we want to start a relationship, but it does not work, but we remain connected. And we almost never saw each other, but we always had contact and didn’t cheat. Really super strange.

Twinflames certainly have a sexual attraction, twinflames also have sex. Although in my case that is not entirely true. We have a huge attraction to each other, talk do the same make the same movements, etc etc, only in the area of ​​sex we are a bit reluctant, we could do it together, but there is something that is holding us back. But regarding the answer to your question; YES I think so !!!! (Unknown)

In our twinflame relationship, I can only say that we both have never experienced such a great intense passionate sex before. We sometimes compare it to two puzzle pieces that fit together precisely. In short, we may even experience mental orgasms … for us no better sex partner than your twinflame! (Unknown)