Q0052. Not a specific question


Dear Tiny and other fellow sufferers, first of all I want to thank you for this site, it is wonderful to find recognition. what I mainly recognize is that it is about unconditional love. to become aware of this and to choose. when your soul love / twins comes into your life it is a very big confrontation with yourself. when the sun starts to shine in your life, your own shadow comes into the light, so to speak. your own resistance to love; what you experience as fear and shortcomings and it seeks outside of yourself. for me this process of awareness has been completed. This is how I experience it now; I have love for myself and therefore also for him / my twinflame because we ARE the same and I have love for others too. So I have plenty of love and I lack nothing I feel and know that I live in the light and love and am connected to the Source. I am a small source myself, my heart is full of love and it overflows and I want to give it. I would like to support others in learning to find love in themselves. my twins / other half have not yet completed their process and it is always letting go. We are already connected in the soul and a oneness and he knows that too but he cannot yet choose it because he cannot yet choose for himself; that’s how I see it. And I have to let him go his own way. My love for him is always there. Only when he consciously realizes that he also has love for himself and for others, only then will we form a team and be able to help others in our environment. And I also long for the physical and emotional experience of being one, because although I have become myself I am not complete without him. So my advice to others ‘if I may’ is to learn to find love in yourself and to be everything you need for yourself; learn that you are love yourself in your way and you will feel free and at peace with you and who your twin is because you are one and the same. you will find confidence in both. I came home and am waiting for him. and I meanwhile make sure that this is a good Home where I can welcome him and he will be received with respect. Because I see the love that he is and that we are as human beings. Imagine life as an immeasurably large sphere of light consisting of light beings, and then that we are all 1 of those light beings; in the end it is ‘just’ about becoming aware of ourselves, knowing that you are already the light and love. I hope others can benefit from this and always stand up for contact.

Everyone will have support for the piece of HC with this question. I know how difficult it is if you miss your soul love and have no contact, it will blow you up inside. A grieving process that lasts forever. Until you speak to him / her again (unknown)