Q0112. Has it just about gone to one of you and have you come together again?


Has anyone experienced that your soul love has “fled” away from you because he can no longer cope with the confrontation? (both married). That he suddenly started saying, “I don’t love you anymore,” while you feel and know that this is true. That he has eliminated all feelings and has started to deny? That you know for sure and feel that you are coming back together. That you have not had a normal contact for a year, that there has been a reasonably good conversation again / it seems: he is coming again, it is finally over, that terrible time of being separated and then everything falls silent again and he nowhere reacts anymore Has it just about gone to one of you and have you come together again? Can you give me some tips, what I should / should not do? I actually know that I just don’t have to try to make (real) contact with him anymore, that the contact can only be “telepathic” at the moment. But find it so hard to do this, (then think: now it is completely over … [while I know this cannot pass …] can someone from experience advise me?

If you already know what to do as you write, you should not look for an excuse not to do it. Of course that is hard to let go of, but maybe that is the lesson? If you can let him go, you can do everything!