Q0111. Soul love and relationship, how do you deal with that?


I am almost certain that I have met my soul love twinflame. All those special experiences and feelings between us that make me doubt that. In the beginning I was very confused because I am in a relationship and I immediately felt so much about this other person that I immediately loved it go wild in the earthly. So enter into a relationship. In the meantime both my twinflame and I are convinced that this is not the intention of our being together, but that we first want to overcome our own blockades and learn to be independent in everything. it could not have been otherwise, it was inevitable. This was indescribable, as I have never experienced before and therefore I have no guilt, but it still confuses me …

I think that you have to make a choice in life, or your relationship or your twinflame. or do you want them both? (Unknown)
Answer Twinflames when you meet, do something with it. This feeling is forever. Making choices makes no sense. (Ruud)