Q0098. How do you deal with this further, and what can I actually do with it?


Since last week I met someone so out of the blue and we live 50 kilometers apart. I feel everything about him in terms of emotions and feelings and therefore know exactly what he is doing and thinking. When we think of each other, titlings and warmth come over us. When we mingle with each other, we feel from each other where the other is in pain or something like that. So we think we are twinflames of each other. My feeling has also changed a lot, I feel things again and I predict a lot. He is also highly sensitive, but he and I have never experienced it so intensely. My feeling also gives me this love very strongly, it is so special and unprecedented. And that money from both sides. We enter a new world, spiritually, emotionally and spiritually. My feeling tells me that he will be my true for the rest of my life, why I do not know but have never experienced this. Can t be correct that my feeling is correct? This is a love that I feel that is so deep and feels so indescribably good, and again applies from both sides. It makes me feel different, and so does he. But only for the better. He now starts accepting his own self, which I reflect back in him, I show him who he wants to be and actually I do nothing, yes myself. I love him so much, and can’t even understand it myself. He is rather afraid of this feeling because it is also unknown to him. I admit it and let everything come my way, but my feeling remains very strong that he will become my future husband, even though I have the feeling that he is already a long time ago. How do you deal with this further, and what can I actually do with it? Feel with t, feeling his emotions and thoughts etc etc clearly and in particular my love for him? Who has an answer

I think we are quick to make a translation. That we automatically translate the deepest love that we experience into a love relationship as partners who stay together forever. You clearly sound like twinflames. It is very exceptional that they stay together in the long run. You can both go through a rapid spiritual development because you can mirror the other extremely well. Surrender to yourself and enjoy it because this is the most beautiful feeling and the deepest love on earth … (Tiny)

It is a recognizable fact. I love the beautiful things I have experienced with my twin. I have let go of sharing the beautiful things that could have been between us, only my love for him remains intact. All in all I accepted that we will no longer be together and I continued my life. Unfortunately I cannot give you the answer that will really make you happy. I do say that I have learned a lot from my twin and I am very happy with that. I have come to my feeling deeper. Before I reached this point I was confronted with old fears, childhood past, blockades, etc. All this has made me an even better person. I have accepted that it is not going the way I would like it and that my twin will live on in me. Moreover, it showed me that I had to let go of the control as a whole. I have faith in myself and I still think that’s the most important thing. (Unknown)