Q0078. Could it be that the person concerned doesn’t know it yet while I do?


16 months ago I had a near-death experience during the birth of my son. I ended up with someone doing healings and during the first healing I got the message from above that he is the one. (presumably my twinflame). The love for that person is unconditional, unbelievably deep and in the beginning I knew absolutely nothing about it. Then I wrote a letter to that person to express my feelings and he gave me a negative answer. Could it be that the person concerned doesn’t know it yet while I do?

What may be very clear to you during a near-death experience may come out of nowhere like a thunderstorm in a clear sky. Your openness may not be understood by the other. Or if the other person understands it does not mean that he wants or can do something with it. Sooner or later you will both know if there is soul love. That is so special that you know it. It may be that it is already clear to one person and that it must still become clear to the other. Patience is very valuable. Imagine if you hadn’t had that near-death experience. Was it all as clear to you now as it is now? Let the other discover what is there and try not to be too confrontational to him. Take it easy … (Tiny)