Q0074. Is this a form of soul love?


I have known a woman for three years and meanwhile we have a very intense bond with each other. There is something, a flame, a feeling of coming home when I am with her. Sometimes when I go to see her I am very nervous because she is very magnetic. Once when I was chatting with her, I saw myself in her eyes as a child. It was a blissful feeling that I felt to the belly. If she is sad, it cuts my heart. I’ve never met anyone like her. Want to see someone so much that you are constantly moved by it. I really feel her in my heart. If I am certain then it is that this woman is in my heart. My question now is: is this a form of soul love?

Hi Katrien, Since a few months I have also met my twinflame. We are both women and there was an instant recognition with us from the moment we saw each other. The feelings are intense and we cannot do without each other, we think a lot about each other,… Being brought together in this way is a miracle and we are both so grateful that we can experience this together. How are you now? Greetings (Unknown)