Q0067. How can I contact my soulmate again?


I met my soulmate in February last year via the internet. We emailed and texted every day, we had the feeling that we had known each other for a long time and we had the same interest, we are both in the agricultural sector. My question is, my sister is jealous and has made me very black about my soulmate, and since then he wants nothing to do with me. I still feel that we are connected. But it is as if a black blanket has been thrown over us. I am going to see him in April and I will face the confrontation, we have never met before, yes in our dreams. I miss my soulmate, the conversations about our profession, etc. How can I get rid of that black blanket?

You have a lot to talk about, a soul contact will never allow anyone to come between you, follow your feelings and do not listen to people who do not want this. Protect each other, only you know what it’s like, another will never know what soul love means if you don’t know it (Marian)