Q0060. The man in my head; Who can help me find out if this is my twinflame?


Well, hard to describe but I try: since more than 15 years a man has been “haunted” in my head, he speaks English, often wears a uniform, I know every detail of his face, without this “presence” I would not can live. Who can help me find out if this is my twinflame, someone I will someday meet, is it someone from another life or is it just the prince on the white horse that I myself have “made” a dream person (they are dangerous because have no errors). It makes me desperate because I don’t know who he is.

Hi, I have read your story and my feeling says that it is a spirit that is not yet switched to the light. I also experienced this and had a man from England with a miner. We sent him to the light during the mediumship course. I feel that this is also the case with you and not a twinflame. Dear greetings (Diny)