Q0043. How can I learn to let go of my soul love?


For six years there has been a pattern of attraction and repulsion between me and my soul love. I am the one who is always looking for contact when I have had enough of it again, I then put an end to the relationship, but he is so ‘broken’, he calls it a stab or a blow, that I then try to talk it out again and the contact recovers until … I have tried many times to let go but the power of love is so great that I cannot get it out of my system. What should I do with it? My last action is to put the strings in his hands and have asked him to put an end to the relationship so that I can let go. He always makes plans to meet me, but he hardly carries it out. What do I have to do with this?

Releasing the one you love the most is the hardest part of life. It’s okay that you have trouble with that. Everyone has trouble with that. Moreover, releasing 100% never succeeds, that person has made too much impression for that. You do not have to let go completely. The most important thing is to no longer make yourself dependent on that person, on his or her behavior or on his or her wishes, et cetera. Live your own life without wondering if the things you do and the decisions you make affect your relationship with your twinflame. (Tiny)