Q0042. Who has entered into a love relationship or partner relationship with his / her twinflame?


Who has made the big move? And can tell about it? What are your experiences, how has your environment reacted?

Me. We were both single and we met in the pub. I was there a little earlier and when he came in, and we looked at each other it was as if the world and time stood still. As you see in movies. We did not know each other and we saw each other for the first time that evening. When I looked at him, I knew that I had always loved him. He experienced the same. It was a very crazy experience. We stayed on each other’s side the entire evening. He slept with me that night. When we kiss it is as if our heads are in a kind of white haze. Everything was perfect. When we were in bed, we both got into a spontaneous state of meditation. We were not in this 3d world but we felt 1 in all that is. I think we met God then. I don’t know how to describe it differently. With that experience I also got a lot of cosmic knowledge downloaded into my brain. We are now two years further and not without cracks. I have a hard time letting go. He went to a well-known band and is therefore far away. While he assured me in the beginning of the relationship that he never wanted to tour again and that he didn’t want to be away from me that long. And when he said six months ago that he wanted to be with a band again, it was a stab in the back. I felt so abandoned. I thought he didn’t want to leave me. How could he abandon his dear twinflame? This pain has almost cost us the relationship. I have to accept that music is his second love. Next to me. I am also very emotionally dependent on him. But I also know that this is the lesson I have to learn in this life. He has his own lesson. It seems that every year we have a “crisis”, a crisis where the most important lesson is that one of us has to let go. Accept and release the other. This year it was my turn, last year he. I also know that the relationship is not an ordinary relationship. I also warned him that this is going to be a very turbulent relationship, but that it is a matter of love overcomes everything. This has been the case so far. Now we are doing well again. The most important thing about a twinflame relationship is that you develop so much love that you have to share it with the rest of the world. He does that through making music and performing. I do that with my intense friendships with other people where I approach people without prejudice. I have to share my wisdom with people who are struggling. That is my love that I share with the world. In addition, it is necessary not to be symbiotic in your twinflame relationship. Because then your mission fails: Spread love around the world. And if we threaten to merge like that, there will be a crisis. It is a warning from above: as if God wants to say, “Nice that you are having a great time together, but you are not alone for it.” (Hierophantom)