Q0039. After soul love, can you still settle for a less profound relationship?


After experiencing that great Love (which you sometimes have to let go unintentionally) can you still settle for the next relationship that will not have the same depth? Because you only come across such a deep love once? That experience doesn’t come again? I am so afraid of this, that I will never again experience that heavenly deep feeling … that is why letting go is probably so difficult … You have the idea that you have found the ultimate after 41 years in this life, and have to give up … of course pain … What kind of Love can still come? What should I imagine? Am I not going to compare everyone with my Soul Love from now on? I don’t want to settle for less, I have had the opportunity to taste it … I want to keep this, or at least experience it again: but is that possible?

After my soul love, I haven’t had a real new relationship yet, so I couldn’t say it. I often wonder this too. I see, I say to myself. I will notice if it is the case. Of three others I know that they have twice a soul love experience with different people. This is very exceptional, but not excluded. When you have found the ultimate in life. And you were able to let go of this ultimate. Then you have learned what love and happiness is, that it is in yourself and that you are it yourself? Then you never want to ‘own’ or ‘claim’ someone again. Then you know what ‘unconditional’ is. (Tiny)

I can not imagine that there are more soul loves in your life. You only have one on one. I think more that after your one soul love, with your soul you stay with that one, that you want the feeling back but in reality you will never find it again with someone else. (Gerda)
Response I think you have the answer deep inside yourself already know? this feeling never comes back to someone else. and I speak with experience. (Unknown)
Reaction That you can have more soul loves is, I think, the case .. just like with soulmates. (Unknown)