Q0924. Feeling insecure about yourself?


Since I got to know my twin, about 5/6 years ago, I have become very insecure about myself. When we met, we were both still single, but after a few years, twin is married to another. “In the past” I was a confident girl who was satisfied with herself both externally and internally and believed in herself. Since the day that Twin decided to marry his girlfriend, I started to change a lot, I became insecure about myself, I never expected it, I was in shock for weeks. Twin knew we were twinflames, why didn’t he choose me, why did he make a covenant with someone else for the rest of his life? I began to blame myself for being too ugly on the inside and especially the outside and that he thought me ugly and stupid. That feeling has still not gone away, in fact, I fear that through this whole twin event, I suffer from anorexia nervosa and mental disorder! depression. I feel amputated, abandoned, lonely and depressed. I don’t feel like anything anymore. I go from relationship to relationship and I get nowhere the satisfaction I need. The result: broken hearts from ex-and ruined lives. I miss myself of how I was before I got to know twin. I miss that time when I could enjoy life. I wish I never knew of his existence, I dare say with certainty that this is the worst pain anyone can ever experience in his life; Be rejected / ignored / abandoned by your twin and live the rest of your life without him. I don’t like it anymore, the only thing that goes through my head is that twin might see me once when I’m thin, read: underweight. And that seems to be my primary goal in life, becoming thin, not eating. I don’t know what to do anymore, has someone also had these disorders during a twin process, or do I just suffer from a mental disorder and have I imagined that he is my twin? But deep down, I am so sure it is him … or do I just suffer from a mental disorder and have I imagined it all to be my twin? But deep down, I am so sure it is him … or do I just suffer from a mental disorder and have I imagined it all to be my twin? But deep down, I am so sure it is him …

Answer 1
Dear stranger, my heart cries when I read your story, what a pain and sadness and believe it or not so recognizable! My twin also recognizes and recognizes everything, still sends me emails today saying that it is forever and that he misses me. How the hell is it possible to be together with someone else? I will have no other answer to that than that he has something to finish for himself. With you, your powerlessness expresses itself by not eating with me in a drug addiction, simply to avoid having to feel it, and I can tell you that it is not pleasant. Just like you, I have lived in pure hell. If he didn’t want to be with me, I would die, and I would work very hard together with my drug addiction !! but in the end your twinflame is your addiction, did you want to be saved by him in life, you have to give up your illusion of the prince on the white horse, and you will have to make something of it yourself. No one in this world has shown me more about myself than he, those addictions have always been there, latent and some present. For some people, meeting your twinflame is a step closer to the divine and it may be easier, for us it is first a deeper descent to eventually reach yourself. I finally understood that I have to find the way to myself all by myself, and no matter how lonely sometimes, I gradually accept it and therefore remain more in control of myself, there are even many others who unknowingly or consciously return yourself from an unexpected angle want to give. The pain is something that has occurred to me much earlier, and I could fully recall the twinflame happening, I am aware that my pain is also his and that this is the last thing he wants for me. Sometimes it is better to stand above the ego and earthly and to see the larger whole, much more visibility by the way. Dear girl, you would not have been born if you had not been part of the divine plan (even if you did not feel it) and everything and everyone needed you to come to full bloom. So you are worth it !!! nothing more or less! I don’t know if you want to look for help, I didn’t do it in my way, but I am sure I will get on top of it, not by sitting back but by working very hard on myself. What if the unacceptable must be accepted? I sympathize, and admire your courage to make this public (that says enough about who you are). but without twinflames I will not die and gradually I realize that there is enough to fight for and want to live for. Talk, feel, if necessary here or with help. The basis may be deeper than you think (with me more lives back) but don’t let it take you away. People used to say you should love yourself more than someone else, and that is exactly what the clock is saying. I also loved twinflame more than myself, but I lost myself as a result. A long and difficult struggle to return to yourself! I am not there yet, but by now I have enough confidence in myself (thank goodness) to go for it anyway. Feel behind all that pain and discover that there is something in which it is all canceled out. I wish you so much success, I wish myself and everyone else at the same time with this pain !!! You must be a fantastic person that you have this for and recognize your sensitivity, all your love for you !!! (Unknown)

Answer 2
The very first thing that comes to mind here is this: love yourself as you are, totally, from every fiber of yours. You are good the way you are, don’t have to be or change. Self love, that’s the start of everything. For real. And you destroy yourself by destroying your body with drugs, you destroy it because you don’t love yourself. You are hurt, you are in pain. Understandable. It’s not nothing if those you love immensely share life with others. But know that IF you really are twinflames, this has nothing to do with you. They are lessons that he must learn with his partner. And those lessons help twinflames eventually come together, even though you don’t see how that will ever be possible. You also have to learn your lessons. And number 1 is that you have to look in the mirror and see yourself as you are; a beautiful person with many possibilities and good things. You do not need those distractions outside of yourself, you have only taught yourself that. Try to get rid of it (with help if necessary) and become whole. Because with that you bring the twinflame process in a new gear. You not only help yourself but also your twin. I wish you all the best and strength, it is a tough road. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Watch out with drugs and alcohol. Your consciousness must be very strong to get along with it. That’s why I advise you if you feel down and bad don’t use large amounts of alcohol and drugs. (Unknown)