Q0030. Who sees or feels his twinflame with him while he is at a great distance?


I got to know my twinflame about 3.5 years ago. Everything I have read about twinflames, I actually felt it and I know that we really have a bond. But now we no longer have any contact and I don’t know if I want it, but actually I do. A few weeks ago I saw a certain image in front of me and that became a vague shadow and then dark and a face appeared again and I became scared of it and I just shouted his name and that he should go away. I thought that was so strange, but I know that we have contact with each other remotely, but that has never been confirmed. I don’t really know how to deal with it. Who recognizes this? I would like advice from someone who has similar experiences.

I can feel my twin. it is not always fun because of his unrest that I felt with him at a distance during the day. I no longer wanted this for myself. By always going back to my own feeling instead of being busy with his feeling, I learned to deal with this. It is always a matter of returning to your own feelings. Now it’s up to me if I want to feel how he feels, and call it whenever I want. (Unknown)