Q0021. Can someone help me how to explain to him how crazy I am about him?


I met a man 3 months ago via a relationship planet and when I first saw him, it looked like I saw an angel and he was so pure and sweet. It immediately felt familiar and I immediately felt at ease with him and he with me. We grew together like two roses very quickly, it was great until his ex got a new boyfriend and he couldn’t let go because he still loves her very much. I showed him everything I cared for and cared about, but he couldn’t let go of his ex, but I think of him day and night as I walk in the street I hope to see him or talk to him, I miss him so much that my heart shuddered for him, I did many stupid things to show how much I love him but it was and it is not enough…. I have never felt this way with anyone, for me he is my angel. Can someone help me how I can explain to him how crazy I am about him and that my love is not over and I think it is not about. It seems as if I am trapped in an impossible love, my love is more that I can explain myself, sometimes it scares me. can someone help me????????

hey, I really want to help you say it from your heart. Say what you feel, tell him that he can build a new life with you. You will say; yes, you e easy to talk but just tell him!

I have the impression that the more you show him your love, the more anxious he will get it. I think you should take him seriously if he says he still loves his ex. after all, he opts for feelings he still has for his ex. It is understandable that it is difficult to accept for you, but you have no more choice. Call yourself back to order so that your view of the entire situation changes. You cannot force love.