Q0007. 7. Can soul love also not be mutual?


I have met someone, and I am almost certain that he is my soulmate / twinflame. We have only seen each other for a very short time, and actually have spoken very little, but nevertheless I have experienced such an intense feeling of love with him. We had communication without words. That is now 6 months ago, I love him very much, but I am not in love with him. I never talked about it with him on this subject. Is it true that if you have such intense deep feelings for someone, then it is almost impossible for the other person to feel that way. experience such feelings? or could it also be one-sided? I would have liked to ask him all this myself, but because it was all SO intense, I couldn’t take it anymore and then actually fled from him, something that I regret very much at the moment but then it was the right one for me.

Absolutely mutual … I myself am convinced that soul love is absolutely mutual. You already had the bond that you feel in previous lives. So that love is absolutely mutual. You feel the memory, the recognition. That is why it can be so fast and so intense. You could not feel this intense energy between you if it were not mutual. It is precisely that interaction and that unity between you that gives that beautiful feeling of love. BUT … The other person could have asked the same question as you, you fled from confrontation, he might have chosen to flee from it. Maybe he also doubts whether your love is mutual. Although that soul love is always mutual, that does not mean that you both want to do something with it. (I speak here from personal experience, my soul love has consciously chosen not to do anything with it.) For all sorts of reasons someone can choose not to do anything with it. Usually because that person finds it too confrontational for themselves. Or, for example, because that person still has to solve all kinds of emotional blockages in himself. Regression / reincarnation therapy. I also did reincarnation therapy therapy myself. In trance you can also recall and relive situations from this current life, often in more detail than you can normally remember. I cannot determine exactly from your question what you want to solve with regression. You can also go back to past lives and try to find a moment where you previously shared that love feeling. I also experienced that that love is reflected in various lives.