Q0006. What does that soul love encounter mean and what do I do with it?


I met a man over the internet a few months ago. I myself am a 38 year old woman and he is 35. We are both married and have children. He has twins of 2 and I have a daughter of 9. I clearly miss the spiritual feeling in my marriage to my husband. See him more as a buddy / brother / friend. We get along pretty well together, but not at a deeper level and I miss that very much. We talked a lot about it and planned to choose my own life. He stopped me not wanting to lose me loved me so much etc. Because of all those situations he did not want to let me go, causing pain, sorrow etc. to him. Also because I told him honestly about the man I met on the internet. Now he wants to release me for who and what I am, ultimately. He wants to try it in everyone. So that I can still stay with him, he says. And yet my feeling keeps saying that I have to go my own way at some point. That could be in a month or in a year? My situation is not that I immediately have another house and a full job to keep my head above water. Yet I feel that everything comes into its place eventually I have faith in myself and God / universe / love. My feeling also says that I will see the people I met via the internet again. Only when, be patient and continue to get in touch with myself. That meeting with him was very special for me, I had not experienced this experience “in this life” before. I felt that I was in seventh heaven with him. Felt right at the first eye contact that is so familiar and safe did not know what happened to me could sink through! We were literally drawn to each other like a magnet. Can’t describe it differently miss the words before that. I have seen him a total of three times in a period of 2 weeks in the month of April. It felt like every time on his part and probably from me attracting and repelling each other and again … Then on April 21 he emailed me that he wanted to stop and focus on his family again. What he wanted before but still wanted to see me, attraction. The last time there has been sexual contact, to a certain extent did not know what happened to me … .. A week later on April 21, he sent me an e-mail stating that he wanted to stop and continue to focus on his family. He thanked me for all love and understanding and wished me all the happiness. I called him on 8 May and spoke to him for the last time. He clearly heard a vibration in his voice and felt that there was more but that he could not continue. Said to him that I understood even though he wanted to be free. And yet it remained open, he did not say now who ever knows later? And I had that too. I sent him a last e-mail before that, but because he didn’t respond, I called him. I explained my situation with my husband in that email. And actually he knew it all, I realize this now! My question is that he somehow stays with me for my feelings. And would a hole in the air of happiness if I could see him again my feeling says that he is everything to me. Through him I feel that I really live. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN IN GOD’S NAME AND WHAT SHOULD I DO FURTHER MORE? It is hard to bear, when I am with my husband he is somehow very strong for my feeling. I hope that my experience and request may provide relief.

Dear Liesbeth. A relationship is also maintained by you. Also as it is now. Try to get to yourself and try to become happy within your relationship with. Do not expect anything from the other person but enjoy what you bring in yourself. Give the other person the space. You will experience the more you let go the easier things run. The more you let go the more you see. Only then can you make more conscious and more certain choices. whatever these are. Good luck and actually advise you to look for people who want to help you. Greeting

What the hell does this mean? Awakening.
It goes very fast and intense with you and your internet man. Something suddenly comes into your life that seems to come from nowhere. I believe it has a reason. Regardless of what you can or should do with it, it is an ‘awakening’ for you, a ‘waking up’ with a hard shop under your ass, as it were. That is a very important goal in itself. A crucial moment in your life. Otherwise you would not have come to the steps that you will now take. Furthermore it will mean a deepening in your life. This experience touches you so deeply that it makes you permanently more aware in life.
What else do I have to do with this? choose
Try not to think too much but to follow your feelings. You were not woken up for nothing. Make sure that it is not in love and follow your feelings. Now you can only consciously make choices for yourself. (Even leaving the situation for what it is can also be a choice. But then you do that consciously now) Choose whether or not you accept the buddy feeling with your current partner. Because of your experience with that soul love you will have to live much more consciously and therefore consciously choose. Always choose yourself!

My twin flame took his life 3 weeks ago. I tried reaching out the eve before because I had the urge and felt the need to try to get ahold of him at that moment. When I was notified the next morning the agony was excruciating. I couldn’t function for over a week. He leaves me signs all the time. He came to me in thought last night w a warning about an individual. The warning, I found out today, heeded to be true. Grief. Cry. Don’t lose faith. It’s their next journey. Spiritually they do not leave.