P0846. Still


You are still in my mind every day
Still I feel the love for you
For months it is quiet and we no longer
see each other When will we see each other again?

I learn to love you unconditionally
Regardless of how you are and the age difference
Love is growing more and more
Little I have to do for it

Do you want to hug and greet me with a kiss
When I go to sleep I think of you
In my mind you lie next to me
In the night I dream of you I want to be with you

Thinking about how you stood before me
How we looked into each other’s eyes
A moment of melting away
In each other’s energy

I hope that the love you felt for me will not disappear
For much later we will be together
Both still have something to finish
Together with our partners

It is cruel this feeling
It is loving but without each other
The cosmos is not yet ready
Late then just peek at you If you can?

The day that we will see each other or talk still seems so far away
I’m curious what you want to share with me
I pay attention to the signals, signs and symbols in your daily life
Those little messages that will take us further to we

Wise man, you came too close and scared me a little
I couldn’t handle the love that overwhelmed me
Didn’t know what to do at the time
But now the tension has dropped and it is you I long to

hope to see you again. xxx R!