P0835. Butterfly in the making


No word, no gesture, no sign of life
If you were no longer there I would not know
Would life slip by in the illusion
That I may come and eat with you again

You know, what only a few kilometers are, to stretch to an immeasurable distance
Keep everything inside that is not allowed outside
You have everything under control

Safe in your cocoon like a butterfly that is not yet ready to fly out
Are you locked in between damping wires of self-spun flight
How can a butterfly doll deceive itself so sideways
By locking itself in while it actually desires to spread its wings in the air

It is almost winter my love, and too cold for my delicate wings, I can hear you whispering as well as inaudibly
Have patience until the day that I will be there without wrapping
When that day comes, only then will I be ready