P0778. Learning moments


It’s been a while since I saw you.
The instructions you gave me were clear.
Why did you want to talk about it?
And you don’t concentrate on anything else

I saw how you looked at me
I felt the tension
Those were desires
I had the same
That is why I wisely kept quiet

Still too sensitive to be friends
It wasn’t the moment
I knew what would happen
It would suffer from fractures
I couldn’t do that to both partners

It was a moment to learn
One of mastery
Two to hold a mirror up
to each other Three to not forget each other
Four to not forget what love is
Learning moments

Beautifully worded and very recognizable, but now what? What now? Forgotten does not work and now that you know what love is, are you not doing anything with it? Is that fair to partners? They are now 2nd choice and surely deserve better?

I find that selfish to immediately break up the relationship with the current partner? You can also give that love to your partner. My guy loves me and he gives me love. There is also something like becoming friends with the twinflame. And how to proceed? I no longer have contact with the man I think is my twinflame. And how do you continue now?