Q0424. Which vibrations?


I have seen my twinflame a few times in a few months. Every time I saw him, my hand quivered and my heart beat faster. Twinflames would also vibrate. Is this the vibration they are talking about or has it just been nervous? What trembled with you?

Literally everything, it started in my feet and hands, and now really everything, I sometimes don’t even notice it when I am busy, but it is there all day long, I sometimes think that you are in a higher gear , something from the start … luckily I have seen my twinflame a few times lately, in the distance and then I am very tense, because I really want to be with him. a friend who was there once called me a nerve tendon. yes, the vibration will also be a bit worse, I don’t even pay attention to that anymore. if you are constantly in the starting position then you also get very nervous, because that is also an exciting moment in a race, when can you go for it? I think there has been a whistle for us for a long time … (Unknown)